Create channel

Use this block to create a new channel on your discord server and send the first message.


Once selected, the settings will open in the right part of the editor:

  1. Check this option to delete the channel after some time of inactivity, regardless of whether the user finished the flow or not. If you do not select it, you will have to add the Delete channel block later in the flow.

  2. Channel name: Name of the channel to be created. It should be emphasized that {{username}} is a variable, here will be placed the name of the member running the bot.

  3. Category type: Type of channel to be created, to create different categories follow these steps:Creating more categories for Dots bots

  4. Who to include: Server members to be added to the new channel, by default only the member executing the bot is added. By clicking on the selector you will be able to add more.

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