Segmenting by channel to send mass DMs, Survey

Or take other bulk actions

Create a view based on channel membership

1. Under Members tab select +New option to create a new view

2. Click on + New

3. Type name of the view, description and select channel_member as filter type

4. Search for the channel you are interested in, and click Create View

5. You should see the newly created view on the top tabs

Sending DMs

1. Click the members you want to send a message to

2. If you want to select more than 50, you can do that on the bottom right by switching the number to 200/page

3. Here you can click Mass DM

4. Type the message and click Preview

5. Preview the message. You can also manually edit each message to customize per member if needed.

Sending surveys

  1. Click send Surveys once you have selected a list of members

2. To send a survey, pick who you want to send the survey as and then the question!

Bulk Tag Members

You can also Bulk tag members by selecting members, and clicking Bulk Tags

Export options

You can export to CSV or copy the emails or Slack IDs to clipboard.

Deleting a segment

You can delete by pressing the delete button

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