Customizing app name for the workspace

If you are using Dots to send a survey as a bot, you may want to change the Dots name to something more friendly for your own community. Here's how!

Note: There isn't a way to customize the icon of the Dots app per workspace. Only the name for now can be changed.

  1. Click on Manage Apps in the Slack settings

2. Find Dots app in installed apps list

3. Click the Dots app, and then find Configuration tab

4. Here, find Bot section and click Edit to change the name.

This will now change the name that appears on the sidebar!

As mentioned earlier, only the name can be changed for the sidebar app list. This will mean that when Dots joins a channel it will show up as your new name.

However, icons can be customized for DM or Slack messages that are posted through Dots.

  1. To do this, head to settings, and find Bot Post settings.

  2. Enter a username (if you want it to be different from the app level name), and provide a valid icon URL.

  1. When no custom name or icon are set for bot DMs, you'll see them as a message under the Dots app > Messages tab

  2. When a custom icon or name is set, messages get delivered under the Slackbot DM log.

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