Edit roles

Use this block to add or remove user roles.


Once selected, the settings will open in the right part of the editor:

  1. Which user to apply: Select the user to which roles will be added or removed.

    If you don't use the Find a user block in the flow above this block you will only be able to choose the user running the bot! Read how to use the Find a user block to learn how to get more options in this field.

  2. Roles to add: Select the roles that will be assigned to the member.

  3. Roles to remove: Select the roles that will be removed from the member.

  4. If unchecked, you will be able to write a follow-up message that will be sent once the roles have been added/removed.

If you don't find the role you want to add/remove, follow the steps below:

  1. You are done! You will now be able to select the newly created roles and channels

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