Pushing data to Zapier

Zapier integration is part of the Pro or Business plan. Please upgrade first to use this feature!

You can find the Dots app in Zapier through this link

You can watch the video above, or follow the steps below!

  1. Collect the information you want to push to Zapier: In this example, we have a button click trigger, that opens a modal to ask for email address

2. Add "Push to Zapier" as the next step

3. Pick your preferred type of response and where to send it to

4. Click "Save Action", then "Test"

5. Go to Settings, then Integrations. The application ID and Integration Key will be used in Step 10

6. Go to Zapier, then create a new Zap

7. On the "Trigger" section, select the Dots app as the app event

8. Choose an event you want to capture. In this example, we are selecting email.

9. Choose your account. If your account is not connected yet, click "Connect new account"

10. A window will pop up. Enter the Application ID and Integration Key from Step 5, then click "Yes, Continue"

11. After choosing your account, go to Discord to test the trigger. Look for the test button on your Discord server and click it

12. Enter the information being asked, then click Submit. In this case, we are entering our email.

13. Go back to Zapier, then click the "Test Trigger" button

14. Zapier will automatically move you to the "Action" section. Depending on your needs, choose an app you want your Zap to trigger. In this example, we are choosing Google Sheets

15. Choose an event, then click "Continue". In this example, we want to create a Spreadsheet row

16. Select an account, then click "Continue"

17. Find the Spreadsheet you want to get updated whenever there is a trigger (make sure your Spreadsheet has at least one header)

18. Choose the types of data you want to get updated. In this case, we're selecting email and username. Click "Continue"

19. Click "Test Action"

20. Check your Spreadsheet. If the test is successful, a new row should appear

21. Publish your Zap!

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