Getting Started - Connect your Discord server

Welcome to the Dots Discord documentation!

Steps to create a new account

  1. Type an email and a password, then click "Sign up" to create an account

  2. You will see all the servers where you can add Dots, select one by clicking on "Add Dots bot"

  3. This is an important step for the proper functioning of the bot. Before proceeding, you need to verify two things: 1) that the bot has sufficient permissions to view all public channels on your server, and 2) that you have moved the bot above the roles to which you want it to apply for the members. Click "All set!"

  4. Once you have verified the above, click on the "All set!" button to proceed.

  5. In this step, you will select your first three bots. It doesn't matter which ones you choose, as it's just a demo to show you how they work. You can add more bots at any time.

    Once you have made your selection, click on the "All set!"

  6. Wait a few seconds while the bots are being created and that's it! You can now edit, create, and publish as many bots as you want on your server.

Click on this link to register using our guided tutorial.

Next, we provide you with a detailed tutorial on how to signup and create a bot from scratch without using templates (note that this tutorial was recorded with a previous version of the platform, but the process has not changed much).

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