Video tutorial - Creating a custom bot for Discord

This tutorial provides an example of how to create a bot from scratch using our editor. In this case, we will be creating an onboarding bot, but you can create any type of bot you can imagine - the possibilities are endless!

Here's a video

You can watch the video above, or follow the steps below!

1. On the Dots app, go to the Automation tab and select an entry point. In this example, we're choosing "When a new member joins Discord"

2. Name your automation, then click "Create automation". In this case, the automation we will create includes: creating a private channel to welcome the user, asking for the user's first name, asking their location, then assigning a role based on their location

3. To create a private channel and welcome the user, click the "+" sign, then click "Create channel & Send message"

4. Create a name for the channel, then click "Save action"

5. For the next step, personalize a message for the user. In this case, we will be asking for the user's first name. After creating the message, click "Save action"

6. To ask for their location, we will create a survey. Click the "+" sign again, then click "Send survey" from the options that will pop up

7. Create the survey, then click "Save action". You can add multiple options depending on where your members are located but in this example, we are adding South America and North America

8. You can now personalize the next steps depending on where the user is from. Click the "+" button below the choices, then click the action you want to be done. In this case, we're clicking "Send a message"

9. Enter your personalized message, then click "Save action". You can use different variables in the message, such as the user's first name which they answered on Step 5.

10. Next, we are giving the user a role. Again, click the "+" button below, then select "Edit roles"

11. Select the role/s you want to assign. You can also send the user an acknowledgement that a role has been assigned to them. Once done, click "Save action"

12. You can send another personalized message to the user after the role assignment. In this example, we're informing them that the private channel will be deleted after 1 hour. Click the "+" sign, then click "Send a message"

13. Enter your message, then click "Save action"

14. Repeat Steps 8 - 11 for the other choices from the survey.

15. We also want to show the same message on Step 13 for the other users that selected a different answer from the survey. To do that, just simply drag the "+" sign to the step/box where your message is.

16. Once dragged, it should look something like this:

17. You can delete the private channel with the user after they've been given the roles. It can be deleted after a certain duration, depending on your preference. To do this, click the "+" sign, then select "Delete channel" from the options.

18. Select the duration of when you want the channel to be deleted, then click "Save action"

19. It's time to test the automation out! Click the play button on the upper-right side of the screen

20. Go to your Discord server, go to the dots-admin channel, then click the "Click here to test Onboarding flow" button

21. A new channel should be created. Test if all the steps in the workflow are properly working. You can make changes from the workflow before publishing. Just repeat Step 20 to test them out

22. Once you think you got everything that you need from the automation, you can start publishing it. Go back to the Dots app, then click "Publish" on the upper-right side of the screen

23. You just finished creating an automation workflow for your Discord server! You can test the workflow out by joining through a test account to see if everything is set.

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