Discord Bot Templates

To create a bot, you will need to click on the "bots" tab on the left side of the screen or click here.

Here, you can choose between starting from scratch or using a template. If you don't have previous experience creating bots in Dots, we recommend starting with a template. To see all the templates, click on "See all" and choose a template from the list.

P.S. We will be updating this list with more use cases for bots.

By clicking on it, you will be able to read what each bot does as well as watch a brief video of how it works on Discord:

Once you have decided which bot you want, click on "Pick this one". The bot will be installed, and you will see the flow represented with a block diagram, where each block represents an action.

Your job here will be to customize the copy of the messages and select the right Discord channels where you want to send the information, You can do this by clicking on each block and editing the fields within. Before publishing the bot, you can click on "Test" to try it out in the #dots-admin channel that was created when you added Dots to your server. This channel serves as a playground, so do not delete it, as it is very useful.

Once you are satisfied with the bot's performance, you can publish it by clicking on "Publish". Now your bot will be officially installed in your server for users to enjoy!

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