Create custom segments / views based on Tags

Send mass DMs, surveys and other bulk actions based on custom segments that you can define in Dots.

Creating a view

  1. Go to Members tab

2. Click on + New on the top right to create a new segment / view

3. Type the name and description

4. Select a filter type.

5. Type in the tag you want to select.

6. Once selected, click View

7. This new view/segment will be visible in the top bar. Click that one to access the members in that view.

8. You can select members here to take specific actions

Sending Surveys

10. To send out survey, you fill out the Question and the option. You can also choose between different type of questions.

Mass DM

12. You can use the same parameters to personalize

Bulk tag members

You also have the ability to bulk tag these members

14. Export

You can export the list of Slack IDs or emails by copying or in a CSV.

Delete a view

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