Edit Dots tags

To add this step to your bot, simply click on the "Edit Dots tags" block. If you can't find it, you can easily search for it using the search bar at the top of the editor.

Use this block to add or remove Dots tags to users. Tags are useful to classify users within the Dots dashboard, go to the members page and you will see a table with all the members and their tags, these will help you to filter and have a better organization of your community.


Once selected, the settings will open on the right side of the editor:

  1. Which user to apply: Select the user to which Tags will be added or removed.

    If you don't use the Find a user block in the flow above this block you will only be able to choose the user running the bot! Read how to use the Find a user block to learn how to get more options in this field.

  2. Dots tags to add: Select the tags that will be assigned to the member.

  3. Dots tags to remove: Select the tags that will be removed from the member.

In the selector you can also create new tags, just type the name of the tag and click on "New tag"

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